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    Welcome to Teaching - Learning Centre

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras, started in 1959, has now grown into a leading science and engineering education centre, recognized nationally and internationally for teaching and research. It is also known worldwide for the achievements of its alumni, who have made immense contribution to the society at large in various capacities in the fields of education, industry, research, business, entreprenauership, and administration. All this has been made possible by the quality of education provided in our Institute through effective and efficient Teaching-Learning Processes (TLP), in which the excellent academic environment, visionary administration, hardworking students and of course we, the teaching faculty, are all equal partners.

    The Teaching Learning Processes, the backbone and foundation of the Institute academic achievements, are continuously evolving processes, influenced by the changing student diversity, increasing student numbers, quality and commitment of the faculty, the societal expectations from IITs, and our responsibility to an inclusive society. Life Long Learning becomes a fundamental aspect of continuously improving our teaching abilities to make the class room interaction enjoyable, productive and satisfying, thus paving the way for a high quality of education that IITM is known for. Maintaining and further enhancing this high quality in a fast changing educational environment is a challenging task which we must face squarely in the years to come , in order to be relevant and indispensable in the national education scenario.

    Realising the importance of Life Long Learning, the CCE started Faculty Development Programmes in Dec 2009 in collaboration with experts from Texas A and M University. Three such programmes have been organized so far and about 125 IITM faculty have been benefited.The feedback from the participants has been very positive. Many of them have incorporated in their teaching several aspects of what they learnt in these FDPs. Several of these faculty have acknowledged the role played by the FDPs in their achievements in teaching, while some of them have developed into a TLC Core Team for TLP activities. Four faculty members who attended these FDPs went on to become the YFRAwardees, partly due to what they learnt in these programmes.

    Based on this, IITM started a Teaching Learning Centre in 2011 with the main objective of assisting faculty to become conversant with research-based, practically proven, widely adopted/adapted Teaching Learning methodologies which they can adopt in their class rooms. The TLC Core team has so far conducted / assisted in conducting several Teaching Learning Methodologies programmes for our faculty, our QIP scholars and faculty of other NITs and colleges. Additionally they have organised, in collaboration with the Mission 10 X team of WIPRO Technologies, Teaching Asst Training Programmes for our TAs.

    The core team at TLC welcomes you to participate in all the programs organized by TLC. Let us build excellence in teaching, together!

    TLC Core Team