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TLC at IIT Madras conducts various programs related to teaching-learning, across the academic year. A glimpse of the main activities of the centre is given below.

Faculty Development Programme

TLC core team conduct “Faculty Development Programmes” (FDP) for IIT Faculty as well as teachers of outside science and engineering colleges, with the help of experts from Texas A&M and Wipro Technologies. FDP focuses on current and emerging teaching-learning methodologies/ technologies to motivate the faculty towards professional excellence and satisfaction. A typical FDP will be of three days in duration.

What do you expect from a FDP?

The faculty development programs raises the following questions and assist you to find answers which are supported by research based data.

  • How to motivate the learners?
  • How do you familiarize the diverse group of learners that you are teaching in a class room?
  • How do you write learning outcomes for your course?
  • How do you conduct classes based on active and cooperative learning strategies?
  • How do you make an assessment plan?
  • How do you do reflective teaching?
Interactive sessions on ideas/thoughts /personal experiences in education

TLC conducts sessions on ‘experience sharing’ in teaching by faculties in science and engineering disciplines at IIT Madras. The purpose of these sessions is to bring both senior and junior faculties to one platform so that the rich individual teaching/learning experiences at IIT Madras can be shared to all, for mutual benefits. The discussions are oriented towards bringing out the real issues/ethos of the campus and how well we respond to them.

Organize orientation / training programmes for Teaching Assistants

TLC conducts TA Orientation program (TAO program) on a semester basis. The resource persons are TLC core team and experts from Wipro Technologies (Dr. Joshi and Dr. Sujatha). In addition to the orientation program, TLC also conduct three day workshop of TA training for volunteering TAs to improve their teaching and communication abilities.

Conduct “Faculty of the Future” programmes for QIP/ Ph.D/ M.S. scholars and other interested students to motivate them into pursuing a career in academics.

TLC core team conducts “faculty for the future” programmes for QIP candidates as well as Ph D/MS students who are interested in joining academia. The program provides useful tips which enable them to become better teachers and effective communicators.

Future Plans

Course specific pedagogy programs for faculty

TLC plan to organize the role of pedagogy in domain teaching. This session will involve the practical tips/ways about ‘how to use the various teaching/learning pedagogies and learner centric approaches in teaching a particular subject’.

Facilitate a mentoring program for new faculty so that they are better equipped to merge into the Institute educational process.

TLC plan to offer assistance to newly recruited faculty in connection with their course design, syllabus preparation, teaching strategies and effective communications. Microteaching (video analysis of lectures) will be offered to interested faculty so that they can improve their teaching skills.

Promote inter-institutional and international cooperation

TLC plans to conduct inter-IIT and inter-institutional conferences and conclaves on teaching learning topics. The focus is to provide a national platform for serious deliberations and debates on educating the younger generations and equip them with skills required for meeting the purpose of education.