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Introduction to Moodle

  • Add files to Moodle in a separate topic
  • Create groups of users on your course
  • Send messages to all/ selected group of students
  • Add URLs to external resources

Student Interaction through Moodle

  • Create a poll and send it out to the students
  • Create a discussion forum for your course

Setting up a quiz on Moodle Part-3

  • Create a quiz with appropriate setting
  • Create categories of questions in a question bank
  • Populate the question bank with T/F, MCQ, MSQ, and Numerical Answer Type questions

Setting up a quiz on Moodle Part-2

  • Edit a quiz and populate it with questions
  • Preview the quiz
  • View the results of the quiz after students finish
  • Create a randomized question paper

Assignments and Anonymous Feedback using moodle

  • Set up an assignment submission process
  • Set up an anonymous feedback form in moodle

Matlab Grader Tutorial - Part 1

Matlab Grader Tutorial - Part 2

With this two-part Tutorial, the learner should be able to:

  • Frame questions and assessments
  • Create a course, enroll students and set up assignments

Run the assessment (assignments) and monitor the progress of each student / assignment on the MATLAB Grader platform